Nerisa’s Spoken Word Album

My poet friend Nerisa del Carmen Guevarra whom I got to know back when I was a session musician for Grace Nono and Bob Aves, decided sometime last year to throw caution to the wind and produce a book of her own poetry with an accompanying CD of the poems set to music.

The idea was intriguing, and having little to do at the time, I was probably one of the first to join the list of musical contributors. That list now includes the likes of Grace Nono, Cynthia Alexander, and Barbie Almalbis, so I’m pretty excited about the whole thing.

Anyway, checking my project logs, I realize I took the project on last June 15, 2003. And after numerous setbacks and delays in recording skeds, plus extreme lethargy and procrastination, i only submitted the tracks to her today. I produced 3 tracks: 2 spoken word over IDM type beats and 1 actual song which will be credited to Clone featuring Ria Mariano. That song “Moon in the Rooom” will be in the next CLONE album, (I got Nerisa’s go signal), as well as the “Harmonic Fire” tune I have yet to sequence. The nicest surprise is: I never expected to be paid for the project. I took it on knowing it was an independent, low-budget indie project. And finding out that I would be paid was the best part!

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