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Acid42 in T3 Magazine Philippines

click to see Acid42 in T3 Magazine Philippines

The July 2004 issue of T3 magazine Philippines finally came out, and they did a piece on Philippine electronica musicians and their favorite pieces of gear.  Several of us from Electronica Manila were featured quite nicely. the article was written by Karlo Samson, and each of us featured had a little sidebar with a quick profile.

Cool article on the machines we make music with… and the people behind the local electronic scene. Bravo!

They took my picture as well as pics of my laptop and Oxygen8 controller. How nice. Of course I wore a Hawaiian shirt and shorts and sandals because I have an inkling the other dudes dressed up like pretty boys for their shots.  Me, I wanna look very “summer vacation.” Raimund Marasigan aka Squid9 was there before me, prettying it up in his favorite Australian hat.

See the scan of my page in T3. [jpeg]

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