Track: Hymn of College Of Saint Benilde (electropop remix)

Acid42 and the College of St.Benilde sealVia Multiply, one of my contacts in the Marketing and Communications Office of the school where I teach (DLS-CSB) asked for my help in creating some sort of remix of the school’s hymn for an audio-visual presentation. Since some former students (Jan Javier and Ronnie Villanueva) are doing the actual AVP, I figured why not? It was a chance to mangle the hymn, and give some lessons on the music software I use (REASON) to these guys.

The result is here: a product of a really short production period brought about by my own fault (leaving the vocal file in a school computer). All in all, I would say this took 5 hours total.

Presenting the Hymn of De La Salle -College of Saint Benilde, given an electropop/hiphop spin by yours truly (with a touch of neo-classical in the bridge). Of course you realize all these genre labels sound cool, but that I’m really just making those terms up, right? Haha!

I may be an Ateneo graduate, but because of the exemplary MultiMedia Arts program, I say with full pride: “Hail, Saint Benilde!”

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