Collaboration with Cocolulu on the “Panda Extravaganza” Remix

Cocolulu - 8-Bit Love album cover

The beautiful thing about hi-speed internet connectivity and upgraded music-making technology is that, one user working from a compositional tool like Reason, and stationed in Hayward can send his working Reason file to another user in Mandaluyong, based on the former’s composition posted on his own website, and come up with a whole brand-spanking-new tune in less time than it takes to dry the laundry.  Lost? Don’t be.

Manila-based musician Cocolulu (AKA Spazzkid)(aka Mark Redito) is releasing an E.P. on my QED RECORDS, and one of his compositions “Panda Extravaganza” caught my ear so to speak.

I felt like doing a remix, but he lost his assembly files and only has the final MP3 of the song. So, I built up his track from scratch using Reason, and played with the sounds a bit, and then sent the file to him. Cocolulu added on to it some more and moved sections around. I got the file back and added a few more touches. Depending on what he thinks, this may or may not be the final version of the ACIDLULU remix, but it’s still a whole lotta fun to listen to! Enjoy!

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