Track: Riding On A Beach (Battlemix)

Here’s an old file from the vaults. This track was done back in 1999/2000 when I was first learning the Acid Pro software and sound editing tools. I downloaded a zip file of tracks from the artist Moon In The Man, and remixed his tune to sound like a sweeping but aggressive battle soundtrack. I seem to have used a lot of stutter edits and effects processing on some parts. The end result was something I was very happy with. Mostly because of the melody (which was not of my making) but also partly because of the intricate edits I had to do in order to make it all work.

Sadly, I can’t find any currently active links to the artist Moon In The Man on the web. All the links our there right now seem to be to a country artist, and a book of the same title. Where did MITM go?

Photo by: Mike Baird

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