2 Fan Exclusive Tracks on ReverbNation

I’ve been working on new music here and there — not as often as I’d like to — but enough to come up with 2 new songs with vocals … and sung by myself in Filipino.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a great vocalist.  But my Shure microphone sure tries to make up for it.

Click to play/download the 2 new tracks.

The two free exclusive tracks are at ReverbNation. You’ll have to create an account and become an Acid42 fan in order to freely listen and download the complete songs, but signing up is quick and painless. Plus, there’s a LOT of good music on ReverbNation.

The new songs (complete with Filipino lyrics and English translations) are the two I recently blogged about:

  • Lupain Ng Pangarap [Land of Dreams] – Acid42
  • Sa Wakas [Finally] – Acid42

Hope you take the time to check them out. And give feedback as well.

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