New Remix: My Parasol – Spacetalk (Acid42 GritMix)

This is my remix of a lovely tune entitled “Spacetalk” by the duo My Parasol, (one half of which is Spazzkid). I slowed it down to 100 BPM, and added a whole bunch of dirty, gritty drum loops, distortion, and a few softsynths for bass, electric piano and organ pad.

“My Parasol : Spacetalk (Acid42 GritMix)”

By upgrading to Acid Pro 7.0 and reigniting an interest in the software that got me into this entire electronic music making about 9 years ago, I’ve actually found a second wind. Ideas are popping up everywhere again. Nothing like a fresh set of tools when you feel like your old tools have become stale.

My Parasol on Bandcamp
My Parasol on Tumblr

My Parasol performing live

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