Remix: Jemex – Palma (Acid42 BreaksMix)

Here’s a remix I made for Jemex’s track “Palma.” Combining some of the piano melody with a big, booming breakbeat, this remix tried to create a gritty, urban atmosphere to the ambient, melodic parts in the original track.

I did this for a remix contest, wanting to flex my muscles on Acid Pro 7, but also because the prize to the contest was something I wanted to win. Thing is, I finished the track, but had no idea what vocals to add. I wasn’t even convinced it needed vocals. But vocals was an important part of the judging criteria. The long and short of it is: I never submitted it to the contest. And so here it is in its “unfinished” glory. Enjoy!

Palma (Acid42 BreaksMix) by acid42

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