Experimentum Crucis (2010)

Last February 2010, I joined and completed one of the craziest community challenges the internet has ever conceived: the Record Producing Month also known as the RPM challenge. I’ve known about it for three years now, and even signed up for it last year, but I never actually pushed myself to complete the thing — till now.

Acid42 - Experimentum Crucis album cover
Acid42 – Experimentum Crucis album cover

About RPM

The musical challenge is to create and record a complete album in the span of one month. But while many participants decided to be purists about it and create the album’s material from scratch, I decided to simply use the event to force me to finish a bunch of musical sketches already residing on my hard drive. Some of the ideas I refined and polished were around two years old. Almost one half of the album was done from scratch.

The result is my third full-length release as Acid42, and album I entitled Experimentum Crucis. The 11 electronic tracks on it fuse funky futurejazz with gritty glitch and dreamy downtempo.

About the Title

The title I chanced upon while reading The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson — an exploration of the biggest Cholera outbreak in London in 1854. The scientific term experimentum crucis (or “critical experiment”) refers to an experiment capable of decisively determining whether or not a particular hypothesis is correct. This album then is a paradigm-changing experiment for me, as I figure out where to go next musically.

About the Cover

I edited the cover from a Flickr photo by Tea,Two Sugars entitled “Experiments with Long exposure and lights-015


All instrumentation, arrangement and programming by myself.


Download medium-resolution mp3s for free on Alonetone.

Download high-resolution mp3s or FLAC on Bandcamp for a small minimum price.

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