Stars and space

Music Video for Midnight Monologue

Midnight Monologue - single cover by Acid42

So here finally, is my first music video. This is a track named “Midnight Monologue” which wound up becoming the title track from my 2007 E.P. entitled Logue (download it for free from QED RECORDS).

Way back in November 17, 2006, I performed at a gig and listened to a bunch of goth bands who got my creative juices flowing. The musical result of that night was this new wave/ electronic track which I’ve been told reminds people of “The Distance Between Us” by Fra Lippo Lippi. Trust me, it wasn’t intentional!

Why a Video, Why Now?

Anyway, for years I’ve had images which I’ve wanted translated into a music video for this track and I recently realized if I don’t do it, no one else will. So I fired up my dusty copy of Sony Vegas and got to work creating a video using a bunch of public domain moving images from the Internet Archive, accompanied by poetry which I wrote while in the process of editing. For clarity’s sake, I’ve placed the text of the poem that accompanies the video at the bottom of this blog post.

The inspiration for the the music, the video, and the poem was the five-year long distance relationship my wife and I endured while I waited for my visa to get to the United States. Hence, it’s angsty and emo — a perfect soundtrack for the lonely and emotionally unstable.

Enjoy! And please tell me what you think in the comments!.

Midnight Monologue: the Poem
Lionel Valdellon

there exists a granular wideness in all of creation
that echoes the distance between you and me

within the chambers of this black void
dust has gathered silently

there exists a chasm ever unrelenting
ever undulating, stretching, never-ending
from sea to shining sea

you exist in memories brilliant as the stars
you exist in shadows nestled in my scars

i grasp at the granules slipping through my hands
i will soon be with you in that foreign land

in this blessed silence, in this ennui,
i hope for the morrow
when , past the grief and sorrow
i hold you to me

– July 29, 2010 –

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