Track + Video: Sobig F Warning

computer image of a virus

My latest track, “Sobig F Warning” is a downtempo, doom and gloom tune with bells, ethnic percussions, huge monotone bass, and ghostly pads. I named the track after a computer virus, a worm actually, which reared its ugly head in 2003 as an email trojan horse — hence the menacing ambience and the hostile bass.

The music video was a serendipitous find on I did a search for surrealism in the moving images library and dug up Hans Richter’s 1925 short film “Filmstudie.” The images appealed to me and seemed to fit the mysterious menacing tones of the tune. There was very little editing done to the video. The length was roughly the same as my tune, I simply lopped off the title screen and it’s basically complete as is.

Story Behind the Song

It seems that all the work I used to put into creating unfinished tracks on Reason is now paying off, as I am now continuously dredging my library of sketches to find inspiration for the next track I release.

“Sobig F Warning” is yet another idea I was working on back around 2005, and existed in a rough state, with instruments that lacked clarity and a bass line which lacked oomph. This week, I decided to finish it up, and EQ the tracks so that the bass stood out of the clanging bell melodies and the percussion. Then I added some deep reverb to create a wide sonic space. And suddenly, a new, more complete track is born.

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