Generating Electronica Song Titles

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There Should Be a Naming System for Titles of Electronic Tracks

A decade ago, back when I was discovering new music on the shelves of record stores (gasp, what are those?), I kept looking at track titles of strange CDs, wondering: “Is this electronic? Is this rock? And why isn’t there a naming system that electronic artists use to distinguish their music from the rest of the world’s?”

I noticed in many of my CDs that electronic musicians typically will create song titles with: utopian wording, computer terms, mathematical or scientific theories, and various logical, left-brain terminology for music which is otherwise created by the right side of the brain.

Collecting Weird Words for Possible Song Titles

I figured if no one would implement a system, then I may as well come up with a few ideas on nomenclature and verbiage suitable for electronic tracks.

So I started a text file on my computer, one that’s grown over the years to encompass not only weird terms but also abstract words that don’t even exist, bizarre captcha combinations, and even subject lines from malware-infested emails.

From Text File to a Javascript Name Generator

I decided I may as well put the file to good use by creating my own name generator. I mean, how hard could it be? Just a little coding, right? Little did I know what a rabbit hole I’d fall into.

I figured there would be free templates for name generator scripts out on the web, and there was a good one which I found, leading me to Niels Gamborg and Online-Generator.

So I tinkered with the script, and tried different things — many which failed from my sheer lack of scripting knowledge. The fun part was building the word arrays that would populate the results.

The product of all that toil (sorry, HTML is as far as my coding skills go) is my very own electronica song title generator which I’ve dubbed:

Acid42’s Electronica Song Name Generator

Check it out. And if it makes you chuckle, give me a plus one, will ya?

Other Cool Name Generators:

  • MODPlug Random Song Title / Rock Band Name Generator

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