My real name is Lionel Valdellon, but under the artist name Acid42, I produce electronic music that fuses Philippine and Asian influences with Western beats, creating new music inspired by ancient folk song. File the music under: ethnotronica, electronic, worldbeat, world fusion, chillout, downtempo, broken beat, and ambient.

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4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi guy !! 🙂

    I’m Agyo, a french electronic music producer and I recently found your website.

    I’m just interested to purpose you some of my songs, for you or your website 🙂
    I’m an ex house music producer and decided recently to change my style to a different type of electro.

    Here you can listen three of my favorites songs :

    So, I’m waiting your feedback 🙂

    If you want further infos, as my bio, or even download my songs 🙂 : http://facebook.com/itsagyo

  2. Hello Acid42,

    I recently discovered your music blog and was interested if it
    would be possible to advertise on it at all.

    I am the owner of Nightshift Clothing, a clothing line dedicated
    to representing the nightlife. We recently opened up this past
    August and are looking to get our name out there!

    Please let me know if anything is possible,

    Thank you,

    Andrew Van Boogard
    Nightshift Clothing CEO

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