Lionel Zivan S. Valdellon
Performer alias: Acid42
Email: acid42[at]gmail[dot]com



The Longest Moment You’re Not Here (short film by Khavn dela Cruz): Composer

Puwang (short film by Isabelle Matutina): Composer + Sound Design

Nykto (short film by Elvert de la Cruz Banares): Composer + Remixer [Film Trailer]

The Family That Eats Soil (full-length film by Khavn dela Cruz): Musical scoring + sound design [Film trailer]

Quaresma (short film by Elvert de la Cruz Banares): Music

Traditional Music CDs

Vespers – Jesuit Music for Meditation (instrumental meditation music) -Jesuit Music Ministry: Musical director, arranger, guitarist
Vespers 2: If I Could Touch You (instrumental meditation music)- Jesuit Music Ministry: Musical director, arranger, guitarist
Paskong Pilipino (instrumental Christmas music): Musical director, arranger, guitarist
Reaching Destination – Nerisa del Carmen Guevara (spoken word album): Contributing producer/musician/composer
Best of Bukas Palad Vol.1 (praise album): Contributing musical arranger
Best of Bukas Palad Vol.2 (praise album): Contributing musical arranger

Electronic Music CDs

Yes, I Am The Soft Asian Enemy – Acid42 (solo electronica album): Musical director, arranger, producer
Mutatis Mutandis– Acid42 (solo electronica album): Musical director, arranger, producer
Holy Weak– Acid42 (solo electronica album): Musical director, arranger, producer
Demonstrandum – Clone (group electronica album): Musical director, arranger, producer, vocalist, keyboardist
Answer the Plunderphone – Clone (group electronica album): Musical director, arranger, producer, vocalist, keyboardist
Live at Crateri – Clone (group electronica album): Musical director, arranger, producer, vocalist, keyboardist

2007-present: Musical accompanist for St. Joachim Catholic Church in Hayward, CA, USA.
2004: Musical scorer for the Philippine weekly TV show on RPN-9: “Kapag May Katwiran, Ipaglaban Mo.”
2003-2005: Session electronic musician for Philippine cultural artist Grace Nono. Technical consultant to her husband Bob Aves.
2002-2006: Pianist and musical director for the Blue Notes choir for the Our Lady of Peace Shrine, Philippines.
2002-present: Founder and manager of QED Records, an online netlabel for free Philippine electronic music downloads.
2002-present: Member, for the ElectronicaManila Collective, a Manila-based group of performing electronic musicians and arrangers.
2001-2002: Producer and podcaster of “Makinang Musika” a podcast devoted to Philippine electronic music.
1997-present: Electronic musician, arranger, performing under the name “Acid42” and with the group “Clone”.
1999: Vocal coach for Philippine TV network ABS-CBN’s Sunday variety show, ASAP.
1994-1997: Musical director, and arranger for Philippine commercial pop band, Anima.
1990-2002: Singer, instrumentalist & musical arranger for the Bukas Palad Music Ministry, Philippines.
1995-2002: Recording artist, arranger for the Jesuit Music Ministry, Philippines (VESPERS albums).
1995-1999: Pianist, music director for the adult choir of Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning, Quezon City, Philippines.
1990-1993: Instrumentalist, musical director of the Ateneo College Ministry Group, Philippines.


A) Composed and arranged for various commercial projects, including solo independent musical releases.
B) Performed live original music at various establishments from 1999-2006.
C) Wrote numerous articles for print media on the local electronic music scene, including informational how-to guides.

A) Taught musical arrangements, including instrumental accompaniments to numerous liturgical choirs, ensembles and musicians.
B) Conducted choirs during Eucharistic celebrations, performances.
C) Was liaison with parish on the choosing of music and the scheduling of practices and venues.
D) Notated, transcribed and photocopied music sheets for the choirs.
E) Researched and found appropriate music for the choirs I handled or contributed to.

A) Made vocal arrangements for songs that had none.
B) Wrote musical arrangements for piano, flute, guitar, violin, and percussion for usage in the Mass, weddings, and other parish choir activities/performances.
C) Made musical arrangements for full electric band (guitar, electric bass, keyboards, drums) for concerts and other music ministry activities.

A) Musical Arranger: Created final musical arrangements (choral and instrumental ensemble) for several albums.
B) Instrumentalist: Played guitar, keyboards, piano, and percussion on several albums.

A) Created sound design and musical scoring for several independently released Philippine films.
B) Composed musical scoring for a weekly drama TV show in the Philippines in 2004.
C) Taught Sound Design and Sound Editing to Multimedia Arts students at De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, Philippines 2004-2006.

Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines: Bachelor of Arts Degree, Major in Humanities 1993.
Graduated Cum Laude.

2 thoughts on “Resume”

  1. Hi There:

    I came across your website while conducting a search of Filipino folk music on Google. Very cool! Part-time Student-composer here studying at CSU East Bay in Hayward working towards establishing an academic career while trying to build a corpus of works based on Filipino and Filipino-American source material among other things. Along these lines, I have composed a concertante work for marimba and mixed ensemble called “bulacan_polymorphic, op. 2” which is based upon a folk melody from Bulacan province, as well as a string quartet movement entitled “Jota Ilongguena” that uses a folk dance melody from Ilonggo. Have lots of idea and thought I’d say hello! My soundcloud is Feel free to check these tracks out!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Andres! I followed you on Soundcloud and am intrigued by your compositions. I do believe folk music is the one way to differentiate Filipino music from the rest of the world’s. After all we have a huge body of work to draw inspiration from. And no one else seems to be doing it. Loving “Bulacan Polymorphic Op.2.” Keep up the good work!

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