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QED Records Releases our Clone Album 6 Years Later

I just released an intrumental downtempo album from my electronic duo CLONE, which was recorded in 2004 and lost in the archives till now. The album is entitled CLONE - Live at Brazil Brazil (qd-4261).


Musical Dissonance or Purposeful Chaos?

Here is an edited chat transcript between me and another musician discussing: Musical Laziness or Purposeful Chaos?


2 Fan Exclusive Tracks on ReverbNation

Two exclusive tracks by Acid42 are available for free download at ReverbNation. Sign up for an account and become a fan of Acid42 in order to get the exclusive downloads.


The Trick to Translating

Below are some attempts at translating the Filipino lyrics to my 2 newest songs into English in order that a more international audience can follow along.


Acid42 Everywhere on the Web

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Cult Of The Amateur and Netlabels: Mediocrity Will Kill Us

Keen asks the poignant question in his book: who makes the decision that something is art or not? And does it even matter?


Watch “Puwang” at the Katorse Shorts Film Fest

Katorse Shorts poster In 2006, I did the musical score for an independent short film entitled “Puwang” by filmmaker and editor Annabelle “Sunshine” Matutina. It's a 30-minute short film about a family coming together to take care of their dying father in a hospital. And I was asked to make music that was minimalist and… Continue reading Watch “Puwang” at the Katorse Shorts Film Fest


Art Now: Do Something With What You Have

“So what kind of computer do I need to make electronic music?” “So what kind of investment do I need to make in gear in order to perform live?” I get asked questions like this all the time. Partly because I’ve been doing this for some time now, (and by this, I mean, create, release… Continue reading Art Now: Do Something With What You Have

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Acid42 in Stuff Magazine: Aug 2005

So, a few months back, an editor friend emailed me asking if he could interview me via email for the cover story he was doing on Stuff Magazine Philippines’ August 2005 issue. He wanted me to talk about mp3s, QED Records and the future of music. I was game. Answered all the questions, (rather lengthily),… Continue reading Acid42 in Stuff Magazine: Aug 2005



I believe going back to our roots musically, is what can and will put Philippine music on the map, and in turn influence other cultures