::::GEAR SETUP 2011::::

I don’t play live anymore, limiting myself to recording and arranging music at home or on the road. There isn’t much difference to my setup at home or on the road, as my rig is now pretty much mobile. I arrange using my MK-41 Evolution controller keyboard at home, and then I record vocals and anything else on my laptop using an external USB soundcard (Lexicon Alpha) and microphone. And that’s pretty much it!

A diagram of my mobile music setup

::::STUDIO SETUP (circa 2006)::::

At home, where wires can be strewn about any which way, my setup is basically one that allows me quick access to my laptop and my Evolution MK-41 USB controller.  I hook everything up to my Creative Extigy external soundcard. Monitoring is done on an Altec Lansing 2.1 computer speaker system. Or my AKG K-66 headphones.

Studio setup

::::LIVE GIG SETUP (circa 2004)::::

At live gigs, where speed of setup is often essential, I have often had to make do with my laptop, and that’s it (with BOME’s mousekeyboard as a virtual keyboard via my QWERTY keys). More recently though I’ve been able to the Evolution MIDI controller plus my lovely Boss Sp-202 sampler for hands-on sampladelia.

Live gig setup



  • Lenovo laptop
  • Lexicon Alpha USB Soundcard
  • Shure microphone
  • Sennheiser HD-201 headphones
  • Evolution MK-41 USB controller


  • Propellerheads Reason
  • Mackie Tracktion
  • Samplitude Silver
  • Sony Acid Pro
  • Sony Sound Forge


A few years back, I wrote a PDF tutorial on how to use the software Reason for live performance. I never got to update it, so it’s circa Reason version 2.5, but it still has some interesting tips on how I personally use Reason in a performance set-up. Here it is.

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