Acid42 Releases on QED Records

The following are all the free Acid42 releases on the QED Records netlabel. All Acid42 releases are licensed under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 3.0 Unported License. Share freely and enjoy!

[qd-4201] ACID42 feat.Cholo Mallillin : Home In You

[qd-4203] ACID42: Holy Weak

[qd-4209] ACID42: Downtampuhan
[qd-4221] ACID42: The Kids’ Ballet Suite
[qd-4230] YU:MI + ACID42 : Kodomo
[qd-4235] ACID42: Madlangkanta
[qd-4236] ACID42: Behold The Teacher
[qd-4243] ACID42 Logue
[qd-4245] ACID42: Nykto OST

[qd-4244] COCOLULU: 8-Bit Love

Acid42 Earlier CD-R Only Releases

Before I was actively releasing music on the web, I was distributing my music on CD-Rs and selling them at live gigs. These are the first two I created as Acid42. The rest live solely on the internet.

ACID42 – Yes, I am the Soft Asian Enemy (2000)
Acid42’s debut album as a solo electronic recording artist. Produced in 2000 using Sony Acid Pro, Sony Soundfourge, Fruity Loops, Hammerhead, and some VSTis.

ACID42 – Mutatis Mutandis (2003)
The second Acid42 solo album, completed over the course of 3 years and with a 6-month sojourn to the U.S. Produced in 2003.

Acid42 Music Elsewhere on the Web

Acid42 on Soundclick: Free tracks.

Acid42 on ReverbNation: Free tracks and an embeddable music player.

Acid42 on AcidPlanet: Contains two remixes done in 2000.

Acid42 on Streaming music. Including music from 2 unreleased albums.

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