Track + Video: Sobig F Warning

My latest track, "Sobig F Warning" is a downtempo, doom and gloom tune with bells, ethnic percussions, huge monotone bass, and ghostly pads. I named the track after a computer virus, a worm actually, which reared its ugly head in 2003 as an email trojan horse -- hence the menacing ambience and the hostile bass.


Remix: Ciudad’s Love Song for David Grohl

Typical Ciudad humor. The title of the track? "That Guy from Nirvana is Now With Foo Fighters." Gotta love it, right? It actually prompted me to think of doing a remix for them -- just for fun.


Free Tools for Posting Music on Your Blog

Here's a common question I get from musicians running their own websites: How do I post my music onto my blog? What free tools are available to me? And what cool embeddable music players are there out there? Well, here's my simple list of free solutions.


How to Start and Run a Netlabel

So here you go, below is the most up-to-date edit of the wikihow article after I got through with it. Hope this helps anyone thinking about joining the netlabel world.

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QED Records Releases our Clone Album 6 Years Later

I just released an intrumental downtempo album from my electronic duo CLONE, which was recorded in 2004 and lost in the archives till now. The album is entitled CLONE - Live at Brazil Brazil (qd-4261).

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Music Video for Midnight Monologue

So here finally, is my first music video. This is a track named "Midnight Monologue."


Freeware I Love: Crescendo Music Notation Editor

So I went looking the other day for freeware composer tools and stumbled upon Crescendo, which is built by the geniuses over at NCH software (they make all sorts of useful goodies -- some of them freeware). And let me tell you: I haven't been this thrilled to find freeware in AGES. Here are a few reasons why I'm loving it so far:


3 Lessons That Orbital Taught Me

The British dance music duo of Phil and Paul Hartnoll, who came to be known as Orbital, were critically and commercially successful in the dance music movement of the 1990s -- and famed for their live improvisation during their gigs. But listening to their studio tracks taught me some important lessons. One track in particular "The Box" encapsulates these lessons in a single tune.


Musical Dissonance or Purposeful Chaos?

Here is an edited chat transcript between me and another musician discussing: Musical Laziness or Purposeful Chaos?


New Track: Everything Will Be OK

"Everything Will Be OK" is a gloomy little tune that spouts optimistic lyrics -- but has nothing bright or sparkly supporting any of the vocals. Even the melody is in a minor key. The vocal melody line is taken straight from a dream I had back in 2007. I woke up with the tune in my head and sat down at the computer right away to get it recorded into my Reason software.