Acid42's latest house music album download

Quattuor in Pavimentum (2012)

This is my fourth full-length studio album and it’s built for dancing. Or at the very least grooving out to at your desk. The tracks weren’t really created to be played to massive dance floors around the world. I’m afraid my musical ideas are far from being crowd-pleasers. Still, if you can’t dance to your own electronic dance music in the privacy of your own home when the kids are finally sleeping and the headphones are on — then you’re doing something wrong!

What’s In the Album?

All six tracks can be considered house music with the trademark four-to-the-floor kick drums, but on top of the beats you’ll find symphonic strings, melodramatic melodies, ethnic vocal chants, robotic voices, electro boogaloo, and all sorts of acid jazz elements that are part of the signature Acid42 style.

What Does it Sound Like?

Beats Antique, Jazzanova and Deep Forest getting together as a supergroup to make raindance music in a jungle somewhere using musical phrases by Orbital and utilizing the stolen laptop of BT.

What Does the Title Mean?

Quattuor In Pavimentum is latin for “four on the floor.”

Where Can I Download the Album, and for How Much?

You can download via the Bandcamp link in the player below.

And the price is: pay what you want. You can choose to input $0 and get it for free, and that’s perfectly fine. I don’t want money to block you from enjoying my music. However if you do have extra funds, you can choose to support my independent music by inputting any amount in the checkout box — any amount is good and is greatly appreciated.

Quick Stats

Artist: Acid42
Title: Quattuor in Pavimentum
Released on: Bandcamp | Release date: 01 November 2012
Credits: Cover image by John Lester on Flickr.
All composition, programming and editing by Lionel Zivan Valdellon using Reason and Samplitude Pro.
Tags: electronic house worldbeat breakbeats chillout dance downtempo electro electronica house techno world beat world fusion Philippines

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