2 Creative Tips: Capture All, Delete Nothing

There are two maxims I live by in creating music and ensuring there is a constant flow of ideas in my creative process: Capture All and Delete Nothing.


Balalaika or: What to Do When You’re Creatively Stuck

Stuck on a musical idea? Here are 2 possible solutions: share it and sit on it. This is the story of how I got stuck on a song idea and how doing two things allowed the song to evolve into something much better than its original.


Creative MIDI Sequencing Tips and “Sitsiritsit Alibangbang”

I've been working through my folk song-inspired ideas for new tracks and this latest one, "Sitsiritsit Alibangbang," is one I always wanted to play with but had no idea how to manipulate it into something electronic and modern.


Musical Dissonance or Purposeful Chaos?

Here is an edited chat transcript between me and another musician discussing: Musical Laziness or Purposeful Chaos?


Art Now: Do Something With What You Have

“So what kind of computer do I need to make electronic music?” “So what kind of investment do I need to make in gear in order to perform live?” I get asked questions like this all the time. Partly because I’ve been doing this for some time now, (and by this, I mean, create, release… Continue reading Art Now: Do Something With What You Have