New Track: Everything Will Be OK

"Everything Will Be OK" is a gloomy little tune that spouts optimistic lyrics -- but has nothing bright or sparkly supporting any of the vocals. Even the melody is in a minor key. The vocal melody line is taken straight from a dream I had back in 2007. I woke up with the tune in my head and sat down at the computer right away to get it recorded into my Reason software.


Stars – My Lyrics Set to Emorej’s Music

He took the lyrics, set it to music, and used a vocal software named Miriam to generate the vocals with the French accent. The result is a simple, but catchy downtempo tune complete with sultry French singer: "STARS."


The Trick to Translating

Below are some attempts at translating the Filipino lyrics to my 2 newest songs into English in order that a more international audience can follow along.