Netlabelism Interviewed Me About QED Records

Netlabelism, the (online) Netlabel magazine, contacted me a month ago to ask if I wanted to be interviewed regarding QED Records. Of course I said yes!

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Acid42 in Stuff Magazine: Aug 2005

So, a few months back, an editor friend emailed me asking if he could interview me via email for the cover story he was doing on Stuff Magazine Philippines’ August 2005 issue. He wanted me to talk about mp3s, QED Records and the future of music. I was game. Answered all the questions, (rather lengthily),… Continue reading Acid42 in Stuff Magazine: Aug 2005

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Acid42 in T3 Magazine Philippines

The July 2004 issue of T3 magazine Philippines finally came out, and they did a piece on Philippine electronica musicians and their favorite pieces of gear.  Several of us from Electronica Manila were featured quite nicely. the article was written by Karlo Samson, and each of us featured had a little sidebar with a quick… Continue reading Acid42 in T3 Magazine Philippines