Generating Electronica Song Titles

Dissatisfied with the way artists pick titles for their electronic tracks, I set out to create a foolproof way of generating random electronica sounding titles. And here it is.


3 Lessons That Orbital Taught Me

The British dance music duo of Phil and Paul Hartnoll, who came to be known as Orbital, were critically and commercially successful in the dance music movement of the 1990s -- and famed for their live improvisation during their gigs. But listening to their studio tracks taught me some important lessons. One track in particular "The Box" encapsulates these lessons in a single tune.


Musical Dissonance or Purposeful Chaos?

Here is an edited chat transcript between me and another musician discussing: Musical Laziness or Purposeful Chaos?


Influences: Suzanne Ciani

Mosaic is one of those paradigm-shifting tunes for me. Being exposed to it in my 1st year of college, back in the smog of 1989, changed my perception of what could be done on an electronic device


Cult Of The Amateur and Netlabels: Mediocrity Will Kill Us

Keen asks the poignant question in his book: who makes the decision that something is art or not? And does it even matter?


Art Now: Do Something With What You Have

“So what kind of computer do I need to make electronic music?” “So what kind of investment do I need to make in gear in order to perform live?” I get asked questions like this all the time. Partly because I’ve been doing this for some time now, (and by this, I mean, create, release… Continue reading Art Now: Do Something With What You Have



I believe going back to our roots musically, is what can and will put Philippine music on the map, and in turn influence other cultures


Become a PC Musician

Subhead: UNLOCKING THE MUSIC-MAKING MACHINE IN YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER by Lionel Valdellon. Published in Fast Forward Magazine, Philippines. 2004 You like music, you have a PC, and you’ve heard that people use these contraptions nowadays to make music. People are writing and printing sheet music using software. Some put together songs from scratch using only… Continue reading Become a PC Musician


Electronic Mass of Light in G-Major

Concept paper: a theatrical production using electronic dance music and live choir, and structured around the parts of the Mass.


IN YOUR CAPACITY: Manifesto of a Christian electronica musician

1. Each of us is being called to serve in his or her capacity. Which means I’m not being asked to give up my knowledge and skill in producing electronic music in favor of more traditional pop- and folk-styled praise music. Rather, I am being called to use what I have and what I know… Continue reading IN YOUR CAPACITY: Manifesto of a Christian electronica musician