Freeware I Love: Crescendo Music Notation Editor

So I went looking the other day for freeware composer tools and stumbled upon Crescendo, which is built by the geniuses over at NCH software (they make all sorts of useful goodies -- some of them freeware). And let me tell you: I haven't been this thrilled to find freeware in AGES. Here are a few reasons why I'm loving it so far:


How to use Propellerheads Reason for live gigs

In 2005, I wrote a rough guide on how I use Propellerheads Reason software for live gigs, in response to a growing number of questions from fellow members of Electronica Manila. The rough guide was a PDF document outlining 3 major ways to view the software and included practical tips on setup and personalization for… Continue reading How to use Propellerheads Reason for live gigs


Using Reason for Live Performance

A few years back, I wrote a PDF tutorial on how to use the software Reason for live performance. I never got to update it, so it's circa Reason version 2.5, but it still has some interesting tips on how I personally use Reason in a performance set-up. Download link below.